How Loyalty Rewards Works

As a small Thank you for your continued support, we offer a Loyalty Points System.


How does it works?

Once you place an order over $5.00, you will see – Enigma Vip Club Points Earned

  • Technically you have earned 1/2 a point, but once you spend another $5.00, the Loyalty Point will be available for you)

Once you have spent a total of $10.00 – you earn 1 Point 

The total accumulates 

  • 2  $5.00 orders give you 1 Point
  • 1 – $34.00 order gives you 3 points.

How do I know how many points I have

When you Log into your Account, you can see your total points

How do you redeem your Loyalty Points?

Once you have more than 1 Loyalty Point, the next time you make a purchase, on the Final Check-Out Page, you have an opportunity to use your points

You can choose the number of points you use.

The amount of points you use = $

  • Redeem 5 Points = $5.00 off your order Even if you have discounts !