Custom Digitizing

In addition to the many designs we highlight on our website, we offer custom digitizing as a service to convert your logos, custom designs and almost any picture to machine readable stitch files, ready for machine embroidery.

Should you not have access to an embroidery machine, we also provide embroidery as a service. We will embroider and deliver any custom work you may want done.

Our Work also available to be viewed on Secrets of Embroidery

Before-after results

Before-after results

Placing and order for custom digitizing

Just upload or send us your artwork and required size, colours, fabric type or application, machine format as well as your required turn-around time.

In order to digitize artwork, you just need to supply us with a good quality image in any of the following file formats: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PDF, PNG, EPS

Just complete a Custom Digitizing Request.  

Guidelines below for fee and turn-around time estimates 

We provide quotes on all custom digitizing.

Stitch Count
Up to 10,000
Up to 15,000
Up to 20,000
Up to 35,000
Up to 50,000
Up to 65,000
Over 65,000
Turn Around Time
1 working day
1 working day
1-2 working days
2-3 working days
2-3 working days
2-3 working days
3-5 working days
Fee Estimate
USD 8.00
USD 12.00
USD 18.00
USD 25.00
USD 40.00
USD 50.00
USD 1.50 / Extra 1000 Stitches
Stitch Count Turn Around Time Fee Estimate
Up to 10,000 1 W/Days USD 8.00
Up to 15,000 1 W/Days USD 12.00
Up to 20,000 1-2 W/Days USD 18.00
Up to 35,000 2-3 W/Days USD 25.00
Up to 50,000 2-3 W/Days USD 40.00
Up to 65,000 2-3 W/Days USD 50.00
Over 65,000 3-5 W/Days USD 1.50 / Extra 1000 Stitches

No extra charge for rush orders

  • Minimum charge – USD 8.00
  • Maximum charge – USD 150.00
  • Minor edits – Free of charge
  • Major edits or rework – Based on time and effort.

Feel free to send us any other question you may have.

Payment Methods
We accept PayPal or most credit cards. When you confirm your order including our terms, we will send you an invoice that needs to be paid before we commence with any customization.

What you get
We embroider your custom digitized design and send you a picture as well as the stich file, thread colours and other information that you may need.  Should you want us to embroider the item for you too, we will deliver by courier.

Please complete the Custom Digitizing Request form below, upload your design and we will reply with our quote.

Custom Digitizing Request form

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