Copyright & Licensing

Uniqma Kft. trading as Enigma Embroidery is a family owned and operated business referred to as We below. We designed and digitized all the embroidery images on our website In rare instances, We have purchased commissioned art outright and have acknowledged such artists on our website.  We have not made use of any public domain clip art. We therefore own all our designs published on We own the right to copy and to trade our designs. Our designs as well as photographs of designs, related stitch files, color charts and instruction guides referred to as, our Designs are all copyright protected.

By accessing our website, viewing, purchasing and downloading paid-for or free Designs, you acknowledge our ownership rights to all our Designs on this website and agree to our Licensing and Terms of Use Policy below.

Licensing and Terms of Use Policy

All Designs remain the property of Uniqma Kft. trading as Enigma Embroidery.

By purchasing and downloading any of our Designs, you obtain a single-user, lifetime, non-transferable right to embroider the specific design or design set purchased on a standard embroidery machine for the following purposes:

  • Personal use, therefore not shareable among users
  • Producing of gifts or for donations including donations to charitable organisations
  • Producing limited quantities in a home or cottage industry on items for resale

Should you wish to edit or add to any of our Designs, you are free to do so but you acknowledge that We retain ownership of the edited version of the design/s and resulting stitch files/s and which is subject to the same Licensing and Usage Policy as the original. You are therefore not allowed to sell, trade, share or distribute the edited design/s.

Our embroidery Designs and stitch files are licensed for single users. Businesses or organizations with multiple users need to purchase a license for every user that requires access to our design/s.

You agree to use our Designs for no other purpose or reason.

Do not use any of our Designs for purposes other than intended.

The following is regarded as prohibited uses of our Designs. 

The single user, lifetime usage right prohibits selling, trading, sharing, distributing our Design/s.

You may not share our Designs with colleagues, family members and friends that would like to use any of our Designs. They need to purchase such Designs on our website.

You are not allowed to use our Designs in any of the following ways.

  • Selling, trading, gifting, sharing, transferring, distributing, passing down as inheritance or re-selling
  • Using our Designs with other media or purposes other than machine embroidery such as:
    • Cutting machines
    • Screen printing
    • Glass etchings
    • Electronic or printed media
    • Part of a logo
  • A machine for hire or rent
  • As a template for reproduction
  • Mass production, wholesale or retail *

* Should you require any of our Designs for mass production, wholesale or retail purposes, please contact us at

Any unauthorized use of our Designs will be deemed a material breach of this license agreement.

In the event of a material breach of this agreement, our rights remain strictly reserved to suspend or withdraw the license, without further notice, also to proceed with any and all legal remedies available to the us in law, including but not limited to civil litigation for damages, criminal prosecution and or immediate injunctive relief, including, where necessary, for the suspension or removal of a breaching parties’ website.